Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Need OWL sayings? Check here! It's OWL good!

1.. Owl love you forever
2.Who loves you?  I do that's who!
3.I hope it's a hoot!
4. Guess who!
5. Who's having a birthday?
6. Owl Miss You!
7. Nice Hooters! ( with 2 owls :) )
8. You're a hoot!
9. I give a hoot!
10. Owl always be your friend.
11, Hoo-Ray!
12. Happy Owl-oween
and a few more: hoot and holler!, Woo-hoo!, from you know whoo...., hoot hoot hooray, Who? Me?, I'm a night owl, You Whoo!, birds of a feather hoot together, hoot and holler!, owl hope you're better soon, from owl of us, whooo is your friend?  I am!,
Feel free to borrow or add to the list.   I added my words to the card digitally but you could print out your caption on white cardstock and punch them out to add to your cards.  Have a hoot!


  1. Love all your owl card designs. I'm going to steal a couple of the owl sayings! Btw, I wholeheartedly agree with your favorite new line. Yepee.

  2. Fun sayings! I still need to order that new SU punch!

  3. What a fun post, Lori. Love the card, but adding the owl greetings is a great touch. Your blog is indeed a cheery place. Welcome to our blogging group. I'm so happy you are joining in and I know we will gain some great ideas from you. So exciting!

  4. What a cute card, Lori...and I love all the owl sayings you included!
    So happy to be a part of ths new blogging group, love your blog!!

  5. So cute and I love the colors! The sayings are adorable!!

  6. Love your owls Lori! What fun to be able to 'dress them up' however you want!

  7. I love the owls, too! I have the punch but can you believe I haven't used it yet???? Now following from SC.

  8. Fun sayings for the owl. I hope you don't mind if I borrow them. Cute card too.

  9. Found you on SC! :)

    LOVE these fun owl sayings - great job on the card, too! :) tfs

  10. I ... must .... resist..... gah, seeing your owl sayings along with the many fantastic ideas people are sharing makes me think I need this punch now. Thanks for sharing the sayings along with your creations =)

  11. Ahhh! I LOVE this card! The ribbon is just great, and I love the owl. I can't believe I've had this punch since August and haven't even used it once! What a shame! Great job on your card :)

  12. Owl you need is love and a good cook in the kitchen.


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